Swift, to supporting decoding and encoding we must adopt the NSCoding protocol and implement its methods.

Apple has introduced a new way to decode and encode the JSON data using Codable since Swift 4.

Decodable (or Deserialization)

An object that conforms Decodable protocol can be converted from JSON to object.

let student…

Let’s see the use of UNNotificationContentExtension and UNNotificationCategory.

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In this article, we will see the following things:

  1. How to play a video in the push notification.
  2. How to modify the UI content of a push notification before displaying it to the user.
  3. How to add action buttons to perform certain…

In this article, we will look into some common interview questions asked in many interviews.

Q. What is the defer keyword in Swift?

A defer is a statement that is used for executing code just before transferring program control outside of the scope that the statement appears in.

Previously, we learned how to work with Linked List in Swift language. Today, we are going to implement Stack using Swift.

A stack is a data structure that allows us to arrange the items in a linear way. A stack basically follows the LIFO (Last In First Out) mechanism to insert or deletion of items. It means the last item added in Stack will be removed first.

In Stack, we can perform some operations like:

  • push(): To insert an…

While we communicate with the Server to do this we require the Internet connection. In iOS, we have some open source libraries to monitor the network connection. Sometimes we required to check the internet connection to move into the app.

Thanks to Apple which made this thing is easy for…

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